Wiki-album – udostępniony artystom i słuchaczom zestaw utworów poddawanych modyfikacjom wedle gustów i uznania. Jason Gross z PopMatters wylicza korzyści, jakie daje formuła wiki:

  • The greatest hits album that is always dynamically updating itself as tastes change and new music is released
  • A fan-interactive album where the album is modified over time through fan feedback, submission of remixes, alternative album covers, etc
  • An archive album that continually grows including everything from original demos, to the “finished” songs, to remixes and live performances.
  • Will there soon come a time when fans don’t purchase an album as much as they subscribe to it.

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…We are diverse.

We are labor, but we are also capital.

Not a single class.

We are a web, the thread by which all else is linked together.

We’ve escaped.

Escaped the office, the factory, the regimen, the rat race, the vultures and that goddamned rock.

And all the more, we collaborate.

Independent, but never alone…